new speaker cables

Looking to see what you'd try for a speaker cable with the components i've been listening to. BAT VK-3ix, VK-600, Ayre CD, and Thiel CS2.4 speakers
Currently using the Cardas Quadlink and think its pretty darn good especially with all the metal I listen to. Thought of going up the cardas line but then thought of trying Kimber for the first time ever. Have used the straightwire crescendo but not as balanced sounding, Think hyper detailed. It can sound great dont get me wrong but my speakers are pretty good at giving the truth as it is. The Balanced Audio Technology gear with Thiel is heaven just looking for a possible new speaker cable prospect

Thanks yuall, Chris
Thiel has regularly recommended (though rather diplomatically) Alpha-Core Goertz. Alpha-Core has used Thiels as a reference. I used StraightWire and WireWorld prior to Alpha-Core Goertz with my Thiels. Alpha-Core offers a generous free trial, do ask for the RC networks.