New speaker cables for my Bryston Mini-T's

First and foremost: Sorry for so many questions, this is all and I mean ALL GREEK to me! I have been a stalker here for a long time, but never had the money nor the hardware to really delve into these kind of threads or post about them. I just like to live vicariously reading about everyone else's systems! 

A very good friend just gave me a pair of Audioquest Rocket 88 72V DBS speaker cables, a pair of Transparent Cable The Wave 100 speaker cables, and a ton of other high quality speaker cables and interconnects. 

I am currently using some “home made” Blue Jean Cables (Belden 5T00UP 10AWG cables with BJC sonically welded banana plugs) for my Mini-Ts. I ran separate (Belden 5T00UP 10AWG) cables from my amp (Anthem PVA-7) to both speaker locations (total of 4 wires/ 8 conductors) I have removed the jumpers on the Bryston's and am currently listening to them Bi-wired.

Would I be better off doing away with the BJC wires and using the AQ and Transparent cables? Or, could I use one set of the BJC cables for say, the woofer on the Mini-T's and the Audioquest Rocket 88s for the tweeter/midrange?? Or any combination of cables between the 3 (AQ/Transparent/BJC) as long each matched both speakers termination points on the Mini-T's? 

Is it better to run a bi-wire set up or should I put the jumpers back on my Bryston Mini-T's and just use a single set of the cables??

I would, of course, audition all the cables in each configuration for best listening results/most pleasing to my ears. 
Put the jumpers back on the Mini-T's. There is NO benefit to bi-wiring! Then use and listen to one single pair each week. I doubt you will hear any difference - all your wire is high-quality!
I’ve used Blue Jeans for years.
Cables from my Bryston 4BSST2 to thy Thiel 2.7s are 10 gage BJs
Couldn't ask for better.