New speakers unveiled from Clayton Shaw - Caladan

As I understand it, Clayton developed these speakers after he parted with Spatial Audio.  At a cost of ~$3K, which is astounding, and a beautify wood baffle, they look sensational.  I heard the sound of them in the video below on my cans and was super-impressed.  They go very low in response as well. I can't wait to hear more reviews of them as I am sure that they will be excellent performers for a really affordable price.  You have lived until you have had OB speakers in your room, which is just my humble opinion.





I saw the video this morning and for the price, they seemed really impressive. Smaller and lighter than Clayton's previous models yet they go deeper, tighter and now with a seamless crossover.

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Two things will have some light shed on them when people hear the Caladans at Capital Audiofest… 1.  How do they sound in a real room…not close mic’s…. and, the speaker is a lot smaller than the big Spatials and other panel speakers… so how large is the image from the new speaker?

As a former Spatial owner… my expectations are pretty high. 

so how large is the image from the new speaker?

Smaller baffel "better" image capability. 

I am a HUGE OB fan. My Emerald Physics 3.4s (43" tall) throw an amazing 3D soundstage, outboard XOs. Sadly, no longer made, but the Caladans seem to slide right in, and at a super price point. from the video it looked like the jumpers were very thin. The OEMs when I first got my 3.4s was CRAP wire. I quickly upgraded it to amazing improvement

See them in my Virtual System

The Caladan's sound really interesting. I have never owned an OB design, though wanted to add an affordable cost. These look to fit the bill