New speakers unveiled from Clayton Shaw - Caladan

As I understand it, Clayton developed these speakers after he parted with Spatial Audio.  At a cost of ~$3K, which is astounding, and a beautify wood baffle, they look sensational.  I heard the sound of them in the video below on my cans and was super-impressed.  They go very low in response as well. I can't wait to hear more reviews of them as I am sure that they will be excellent performers for a really affordable price.  You have lived until you have had OB speakers in your room, which is just my humble opinion.





My concerns are will these speakers be serviceable in a few years when Claytons health goes south again. I wish him the best BUT this is always a valid concern especially with Boutique one man shows.

These have me interested as well.  I don't need them, I don't really have the space for them, I just want them. I like the idea of completing the trifecta of box, horns & OB speakers and owning all of my favorite speaker topologies. That price is super tempting. 


I am also interested in these new speakers. But someone mentioned what will be the availability of speaker driver replacements if ever needed. This is one of those things I would not have thought about.

I am spoiled in that my older speakers use currently available Scanspeak classic series drivers and I have replaced same in the past.

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