New speakers unveiled from Clayton Shaw - Caladan

As I understand it, Clayton developed these speakers after he parted with Spatial Audio.  At a cost of ~$3K, which is astounding, and a beautify wood baffle, they look sensational.  I heard the sound of them in the video below on my cans and was super-impressed.  They go very low in response as well. I can't wait to hear more reviews of them as I am sure that they will be excellent performers for a really affordable price.  You have lived until you have had OB speakers in your room, which is just my humble opinion.





I am with Audioman on this one.  My M4TM's have resided about 16" from a well-treated back wall and they sound sensational.  I moved them further out many times, but the result was that I only loss bass response .  Easy for me to say the Spatials are the least sensitive to room placement of any speakers I have had, other than Linkwitz speakers.  The Magnepans clearly need far more room, dunno why.  

Hopefully someone is going to Capital Audiofest, and will report back on the speakers.....not sure who's electronics are with them

The room was pretty crowded so I only listened to them for a few minutes and I was on the side of the room. I hope to get back later in the show. I couldn’t really assess the imaging and sound stage, but they sounded clean with good tone, nice range, and punchy bass. They were using LTA electronics. 

Clayton's room also debuted LTA's DAC, AD chip and ZOTL tube output stage, the system was clear, delicate, dynamically alive, and the bass had weight, quickness, and did have punch when required, welcome back Clayton.