New speakers unveiled from Clayton Shaw - Caladan

As I understand it, Clayton developed these speakers after he parted with Spatial Audio.  At a cost of ~$3K, which is astounding, and a beautify wood baffle, they look sensational.  I heard the sound of them in the video below on my cans and was super-impressed.  They go very low in response as well. I can't wait to hear more reviews of them as I am sure that they will be excellent performers for a really affordable price.  You have lived until you have had OB speakers in your room, which is just my humble opinion.





Just if it makes you feel better, you are not alone in the predicament of anticipation.

Well, well, well great news, the Clayton Shaw Caladan speakers showed up this evening, serial number 00023. Double wall boxed, cleverly and well packed; delivered by UPS. Two sets of 2 stand leges, two sets of four Gaia II feet, needed screws to mount the brackets and feet. Speakers (without stands and feet) are surprisingly manageable weight wise. I'm not one for an "unpacking" video, but in the morning tomorrow I'll unwrap the speakers and get them assembled.....and put some pics up

I am about to order the 4 woofs for my own diy open baffle speaker.   Same woofs as in the Caladan but I want to try a $50 dipole planar on top crossed over at 400hz.  Theoretically speaking, it should be way better than the Caladan.  You can make it yourself for around $1300.  You can also buy the two tweeters that Clayton uses for less than $100 and do a Caladan clone for about the same price.  But I don't think a forward firing $40 tweeter crossed over at 1K will be anywhere near as good as a dipole planar crossed over at 400hz......and my speaker will be time aligned....unlike the Caladan where the tweeter sound hits your ear way before the rest of the spectrum.  Of course you could set back the tweeter on a Caladan clone but it would not look anything like a Caladan and Clayton would not want to go to that trouble for such a budget speaker.

If this sounds as good as I think, I will open my place to people in the Bay Area to come over and listen (for free).  I am not making speakers......just promoting the idea.  Check out my webpages for more info....if you have not already.  These speakers are so easy to make even a 10 year old could do it (intelligent and co-ordinated and supervised...of course).

Of course, even bigger versions could be made with a line source of planars and bi amping, etc.  But even the basic one would probably beat most $10K speakers.  You can build a crude version in one day.....just need a jig saw and a screw driver.  Buy the plywood at Home Depot and have them cut it to your just cut the round holes and assemble.....easy as pie.

I should have this all done in about one month.  Stay tuned for more info.   This goin' to be fun!!!!!