New spreakers sound great But

New speakers are great but not enough bass do I need more power or what? Current amp is rotel rb 980 bx speakers are 91db, what do you suggest?
Don't think it is a worthless question. The man just bought a new pair of speakers, the room size is not going to change, the speaker location may change but not improve bass significantly, bass extention can be adjusted bass on what sub he gets.

quick fix. bottom line..get a sub
I had a brand new Rotel RB-1582 (200 watt amp) and RC-1580 preamp with B&W CM7 speakers and even after break in, there just wasn't any bass. Being unwilling to add a subwoofer, I replaced the amp and preamp with an integrated tube amp. The bass increase was so dramatic I had to add bass traps, even after pulling my speakers away from the wall for a total of 24 inches from the wall.

The other posters are correct in saying you should get a sub IMHO.
"efficient speakers do not have bass unless woofer is +12 inch". So the Wilson Audio Sasha does not have bass? A more powerful/better amp or sub may be what you need but I would take it slow. Give speaker time to break in and play with speaker/listening position first.
Before dismantling system and or getting a sub couple things I found helpful.I was came to understand the dynamics of sound,Vibrations.Isolate the components.The bass you long to hear,Its there on the recording.I know, quality of recordings,not all the same,but the poor sound you hear or dont hear assume the recording is good,the question wheres the bass,Its there,Put on some headphones youll hear the bass,then just start working backwards to check quality of cabling.I an totally a bass man.all my life .The sub in previous system,I could shake the close neighbors windows@ 2,3 in the morning.I,m in a large room,great sounding speakers,And no sub.I hear the bass guitar as it goes through each note,its easy to imagine ,close my eyes.I,m there,Never listened to bob dylan before .His voice hurt my ears.I listened for the 1st time on good equipment.I played it 3 times yesterday at a high volume& I,m still shocked ,his voice is alright. try some free DIY tweeks before buying anything else.Good Luck
"the room size is not going to change,"

The room size won't change. However, knowing the speakers AND the size of the room would help one determine if he has more room than speaker, no????????