New Springsteen Box: Opinions?

Got my Music Matters holiday catalogue and saw this 1973-1984 box set which is supposed to have been remastered from the original tapes by Bernie Grundman. I've always been a big fan but thought Bruce was not well served by his recording team. Of the original LPs the only ones that sound halfway decent are "Wild Innocent…" and "Darkness". "Born to Run" is a particularly lousy recording. Any chance a silk purse can be made out of a sows ear with these? Has anyone got the new box and compared with the original LPs?
I got the LP box last week and have listened to the first four albums and the first LP from The River (once each). At work right now and cannot write in detail, but I can say that while not all are over-the-top perfect, there are many significant sonic improvements to my originals. There is greater clarity and separation than there is in my originals. In some instances my initial thought was the sound might have been a little "thinner", but upon reflection I think it is an artifact of the now recognized muddiness of originals having been removed. I was most impressed with how Darkness came across. In a nutshell, I would not hesitate to recommend you taking the dive. I plan on ordering another set as a gift to a die hard family member.
Hey, sorry I don't got the new box yet but I though to post.

I find Springsteen's recordings really dull compared to his live, stage performed ones. Unfortunately the ones I like have lots of noise and only MP3 quality.

Personally I think The Boss is one of those artists who sound better live than the recordings!
Got it yesterday at Princeton Record Exchange. Thanks for chiming in--I'll do the same after a listen.
I have the box as well. It's really well done IMO and probably the most fun way to play these albums I've found. The mastering is by Robert Ludwig, not Grundman. I think Grundman may have done the lacquers for the vinyl though.