New Springsteen Box: Opinions?

Got my Music Matters holiday catalogue and saw this 1973-1984 box set which is supposed to have been remastered from the original tapes by Bernie Grundman. I've always been a big fan but thought Bruce was not well served by his recording team. Of the original LPs the only ones that sound halfway decent are "Wild Innocent…" and "Darkness". "Born to Run" is a particularly lousy recording. Any chance a silk purse can be made out of a sows ear with these? Has anyone got the new box and compared with the original LPs?
Got it yesterday at Princeton Record Exchange. Thanks for chiming in--I'll do the same after a listen.
I have the box as well. It's really well done IMO and probably the most fun way to play these albums I've found. The mastering is by Robert Ludwig, not Grundman. I think Grundman may have done the lacquers for the vinyl though.
Received the Japanese box set today. Listened to three CD's so far. Sound excellent to my ears. Never thought they sounded very good before so major improvement IMO.
Listened to "Greetings" all the way through on Wednesday. I'm very pleased--my impressions mirror Jerroot. Less mud, more clarity and separation of instrumental lines, greater detail. I get a much better appreciation for the artistry. Pressing is quiet but not dead silent. Overall, recommended so far......
My take is the same as others. I think this a very big improvement of these records' sound quality.