New Steely Dan Release - LP?

I notice that the new Steely Dan release "Everything Must Go" has been rescheduled for June 10. There was quite a bit of talk earlier about how the new release was recorded in analog instead of digital. I have searched around and found mention of a CD and DVD that will be released - one can even download a digital version of the single "Blues Beach". NO mention of this being available on vinyl. Anyone know anything about this seeming travesty?! :-)
I expected it would be available at some point on vinyl, but was hoping to pre-order. I was only able to find Two Against Nature on LP from a European delaer, on the Giant label.
I wouldn't worry too much. Every Steely Dan recording has been available on vinyl and this one will not be the exception. Besides, they have been critical of the digital domain for quite some time. Read "Reelin' In The Years" for some great insight into their thought process about making music. It's a gas.