New Stones vinyl

I read they are putting out some new stuff on clear vinyl but it is sourced from digital files. Any comments? I hesitate to buy any vinyl that is sourced from digital. IMO once it's hamburger it can't be turned back into steak.
IMO your aversion to digitally sourced vinyl is not fully warranted. I have heard many digitally sourced or recorded lp's that sound better than their cd or sacd co-releases. It's true some digitally sourced lp's may not sound as good as they would have if the record company had gone back to the original tapes (the differences between stereo and mono Beatle's lp's are an example of this.) However, at the time of the stereo lp's release date, the digitally sourced stereo Beatle's lp's sounded better than any affordable alternatives available at the time (IMO.) It's all relative depending on what you want to spend I suppose. I've not heard of any plans to go back to the original Stone's master tapes to re-engineer any new releases and I wonder what the end results would be if they did. The Stone's, unfortunately, didn't have a George Martin quality producer working with them. Their recordings tend to sound less than stellar in their best incarnations, to put it charitably. I occasionally read various forum participants who claim to have basically unobtanium UK first releases that they claim sound wonderful, I'd love to hear them with my own ears.
The proof of the pudding is in the eating.

While I would be especially interested of new reissues being mastered from analog, the record companies have decided that it's just too expensive and dangerous to be sending those tapes around, when they essentially just shoot off an email to the mastering engineer instead. So almost everything we're hearing these days has gone through that grinder, but some of them still sound quite good.
Yes, but they are still digital with the inherent digital bad things aren't they? It's like pretending you are listening to vinyl IMO. A suckers buy since most new vinyl is digital sourced. But to each their own.
Has anyone listened to these new reissues on clear vinyl from The Rolling Stones, any thoughts or opinions?
... once it's hamburger it can't be turned back into steak.

Don't be so critical....of course it can be done. The wonder Transformer is named "marketing".
It is also able to transform multi-motor nonsense into High End Playback wonders. Be happy that you can be a part of this modern time...and the Big Mac is the premium product from MD...has a lot of Fans, too.