New streamer? N150 vs U2

So many people have asked this question and I’ve read all the threads. Has anyone actually directly compared the Aurender N150 to the Lumin U2 (or U1)? 

‘’I’m having a difficult time with an upgrade because I modified my BlueSound Node 2i, added a linear power supply and a new digital coaxial cable (Nordost Silver Shadow).  The results have been outstanding.  So why upgrade? Well, that is the big question.  Can a new streamer add that much more?

 I would like full MQA if possible and upscaling to DSD.  My DAC does do MQA so I’m limited to the first unfold from the Node 2i.


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@txp1 Yeah Swiss Jazz.  I’m also about 70% in the Jazz class. 

Get the best you can afford and don’t think you’re missing out. The ultra gets a few more degrees of pow but your roon and synergy of what you put together is the gold ring. 

Any thing that makes you happy is cool. 

Aurender Conductor does the custom URL streaming. See this link (about 2/3’s of the way down):


What’s a good method of listening to jazz on Bluesound? I wish that Radio Paradise had a channel.

I’ve got both Node 2i and Lumin U1 Mini. These are (or were) both feeding a Sonic Frontiers SFD-2 MK3. Despite its age this is a truly a super-DAC even now, extremely hard to improve on. The very few who have heard will agree (I say this to try and short circuit the usual "old digital can’t compete" arguements from posters who haven’t ever heard it). Anyway, that feeds an extremely revealing, high resolution system.  I have no use for MDA so that isn't at play here.

My conclusion: Sonically, the Lumin clearly beats the Node 2i. But the Lumin UI is just a bad joke, so much so that I’ll sometimes use the 2i for that reason. I’m on Android, maybe Apple works better. BlueOS seems to work great on all devices.