New streamer needed

My streamer, 10yrs old, stopped functioning. Now I am listening to CDs again with the transport of the older Accuphase DP-67 and Merason Frerot DAC. The combination sounds great, very detailed and transparent. Now I am wondering how much money I would need to spend on a new streamer to match that sound level and which brands and models to look for. Any suggestions, possibly also from people who know the Merason and/or Accuphase? I am using Qobuz for streaming, and wireless options would be great too. Thank you.


As I replied in my earlier post…Aurender N10, Lumin u1 are definitely worth looking into. I’ll add the Aurender N200 and Lumin U2.
My preference would be the Aurender because of better build quality as well as better UI. I honestly don’t think the lower model Aurender N100 will get you where you want to be although it might be relatively close.

As to budget…you’re probably looking at a price range of $3,000 - $4,000 on a used market and $5,000 - $6,000 new. 


I am totally lost here.  I was asking you what was the 10-year old streamer that you had that you said no longer works?  Are you saying that your Accuphase has streaming capability? Or were you using a server of some sort that fed your Accuphase?

riccitone - haven’t tried many switches but did try two different Cisco switches: 2960 & Meraki.

Alpha Audio has done a lot of tests on various models (via YouTube) in great detail but they go the copper (ethernet) way and not optical fiber.

I had tried it their way too and the improvement wasn’t in the same ballpark as fiber. They indicate there are differences in the switches and categorize them overall as small. They do break it down among many different options including some of the commercial audio switches which don’t all get high grades.

From my Verizon fiber connection, I’m continuing that rout with cascading Cisco and upgraded Finisar transceivers.


Fo What I was saying is that my streamers broke down and because of that  I returned to my Accuphase transport to play cds ans was amazed about the sound of cds through my Accuphase and Merason dac. I am looking for a streamer that sounds just as good as my Accuphase dp-67 transport.