New Streamer Transport

HI I would like to replace MY Cambridge audio 851N streamer dac. I now have a Lampizator big 6 DAC. it has 2 engines,R2R-with 384-pcm & 256 dsd & the dsd 512 engine, so i would like new or used transport only& easy to use !!!! Any Ideas.Thanks .
Lumin U1….and you budget actually let’s you upgrade it with outboard SBOOSTER power supply. 
Had the Lumin U1 Mini but found the control app full of bugs and output was sonically awful except from USB. Traded for Aurender whose Conductor app is better designed and which outputs ONLY USB. Which is fine, since other digital sources occupy different inputs on my DAC.
Aurender is fine too, but if you don’t satisfied with Lumin control app you could use Linn white or black app, Kazoo app also Esoteric or Hr Strimer app. All of them compatible with Lumin.