New Synergistic Master Fuse

New From VH Audio,

Synergistic Master Fuse cost $595.00

I'll stick with Orange Fuses.


Fuses even the cheaper one does change the sound , is it improvement? It's hard for me to tell. I have not decided to part with my $200 for a fuse?

@rc22 You can see the fuse in your Lyngdorf in the pic. top left. It’s T8A which is 8 amp slow blow, looks to be 5x20mm, but I’d take it out and check to be sure. SR recommends going up one level so you should replace it with a T10A fuse.

Your power conditioner may have an internal fuse too.

@rc22 You're most welcome. I'd be inclined to put the Master Fuse in your Power Conditioner, if you can and put a Purple in the Lyngdorf.

Good Luck

Got 24hrs on my SR Master Fuse and I can say it's worth every penny.

Now I have a full loom of SR Purple and the Master Fuse takes them to another level.

3D soundstage has really expanded, deep level details details are brought to the surface, whilst maintaining an airy and musical presentation with accurate timbre and realism.

Highly recommended if you already have some Purple fuses.