New Synergistic Master Fuse

New From VH Audio,

Synergistic Master Fuse cost $595.00

I'll stick with Orange Fuses.


That reviewer gave it a 5/5 on 16 of 17 categories, and a 4.5/5 on the other category. I don't know about that virtually perfect rating, but I agree it's a very good sounding fuse.

@rc22 A solution to your Puritan breaker issue maybe to buy a Puritan UK power cord with a UK power plug, in which you can install a SR Master Fuse.

N.B. UK plug fuses are a different size but SR provides them.

Purchase a single outlet Furutech UK wall socket to complete the setup.


@lordmelton that is an interesting proposal.  I appreciate it.

There is yet another wrinkle, however.  A dealer tells me Isol-8 has a conditioner that he prefers to the Puritan for sound quality.  I’ll probably try it in the next 30-60 days.  If I do prefer it, it would be a bonus if it had a fuse.  While I would consider buying a master fuse for the Puritan and keeping the Puritan if I loved the result, I’m not anxious to incur the add’l costs of the UK cable and outlet in order to buy a fuse.  I think I could sell my Puritan for about what the isol-8 six port will cost or a little under.

I should start a thread to see if anyone has compared Isol-8 Poweline Ultra (4 or 6 port) to Puritan.

It's a little over three weeks now since I installed my SR Master Fuse in my Plixir 3000 balanced power conditioner.

The effects have been nothing short of unbelievable, and I'm still hearing improvements on a daily basis.

The most notable improvement has been to DSD files which now leap out of the speakers. The Who's SACDs, Tommy, Singles and Quadrophenia exude realism like never before.

I have a few adjustments to make to my system and then will probably get another Master Fuse for my Aurender N20.

Since I have only one source component installing it in the source makes most sense. Multiple digital sources will probably benefit most from a DAC installed fuse.

Purple fuses are on special now until EOM, buy 2 get 3.