New Synergistic Master Fuse

New From VH Audio,

Synergistic Master Fuse cost $595.00

I'll stick with Orange Fuses.


Brandon hifi,

  That is interesting you put the master fuse in your amp. I am considering one for either my phono stage or possibly my pre amp. I have no streamer or dac.

  I was a little reluctant at putting a master fuse in my pre amp due to reading the preferred equipment to put it into on the sr site. 

  I  can get both a purple and a master and switch each between the pre amp and phono stage to see what gives the best effect. Good on you putting it in your amp. 




I got an SR Purple to complement the Master Fuse in my two fuse HM1 amp, and I was really surprised with the result. I had been using two M1s, then Master Fuse+M1, and now Master Fuse+Purple. Let me say, these two go together like peanut butter and chocolate and I am hearing things I’ve never heard before. Incredible synergy.


With just the Master Fuse I was getting this big soundstage, diffuse, U shaped FR, and treble-leaning sound. Now, the images are so distinct and dense it’s crazy, and they have a tube-like glow. Just a little bit of the Purple mid-bass bloat, and a little bit of dynamics lost, but so much more dense and tactile than the Master Fuse alone.


At this point I think it’s fair to say you need both to get the full effect. Much bigger effect than I expected adding the Purple. Considering the M1 is excellent in its own right, and perhaps better than the Purple in many ways, but the combination with Purple and the Master Fuse is so much better. So vibrant and dense. 

Sorry to report to fellow Lyngdorf 3400 owners, a fuse is a no-go.

Online images of the 3400 with cover off shows what looks like a normal fuse but were too grainy to zoom with clarity. I took the lid off my Lyngdorf 3400 and discovered the fuse is TINY and soldered in place.

The main option I see is to replace the purple fuse in my Zenith 3 with a Master and have it be the only hi-fi fuse in my system. I understand I could try it without risk, but I kinda think it will be some good, some bad compared to the purple. Maybe I’m wrong. Maybe curiosity will get the best of me and I’ll do it….later.

Of course, there is a conditioner I’m interested in. And, if it has a replaceable fuse….I’m in like Flynn. To use an oldy but goody.

Has anyone combined an M1 with the Master Fuse? I like the M1 much more than the purple.

I found that the Purple fuse in my Auralic streamer emphasized the midrange and bass and to much which made it bloated and masked the details in the background. For my ears to smooth and relaxed. The bass was a bit woolly in my setup and lost tightness and punch.

What can someone say about the SR Master fuse? Does it tighter up the bass with adding more punch and kick to it?