New Technics SL-1200GR2

What a time to be alive - more innovation and refinement from one of the worlds best!  I've been rocking an original fully upgraded KAB unit for a while, but be told the new units have always piqued my interest.  Seems like they spent time and effort to improve the drive system mainly.  Wondering if anyone had a chance to look through the specs? 




Thank you! For some reason I thought it was Indonesia.

Maybe I confused it with Canon cameras... 

The GAE was really EPIC. Every system is so vastly different in ways that one cannot fully comprehend till you start working in it. Room size, speaker size, phono pre-amps capabilities, etc. Owning a store I got to experience the GAE in my home by making a few mods, adding an isolation platform, isolating the cable, etc. I still have my GAE as Technics was my first turntable. One just develops a soft spot as it brings back memories of my JBL speakers, standing in line for the U2 release at Tower Records with about 3,000 other like-minded kids. I loved it so much that I saved 2 units of brand-spanking new SL-1200GAE in sealed boxes wrapped in shrink wrap. Call me crazy. 

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