New Technics SU-G700 Mk II on the horizon

Just an FYI: Perusing I came across this from Twittering Machines;

The MkII version will use the GaN output devices and other improvements derived from the Reference SU-R1000 integrated. The price only goes up about $100 compared to the now, discontinued version. 

I'm glad I came across this on my daily dive into (which everyone should do) so I cancelled my order and had it apply to the MkII when it comes out in October. 

It may not sound like much to the casual observer but to get that level of improvement and stay in the Technics lineup says a lot since the SU-R1000 is a ten grand hit to the wallet and if you have efficient speakers, 70 watts is plenty.

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I have been using SL-G700 SACD directly feeding the SU-G700 (original) via coax digital out which I prefer over analog out.  I have found Direct digital out has a "quicker" sound, less processed sounding, though analog out sounds "warmer".   Of course, when listening to SACDs, one has to use analog out.  

 This is a quote from the Peachtree GaN 1 Beta thread:  

The GaN 1 is also designed so that it does NOT require a digital-to-analog-converter (DAC). The digital audio signal at the input directs the amplifier outputs to drive the speakers. Although DACs have continued to improve over the years, there is no DAC better than NO DAC!

Thanks for the impressions. I haven't tried digital out after the first few days and the SU-G700 has fleshed out some since. I'll give it a try later one to see how digital out now fares.

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Yes, worth a try;..."less is more".  One thing for certain, I cannot go back to listening to DACs or Class A/B amps again.   

If you use your own separate DAC and connect a digital cable (S/PDIF) to the Technics amp, there would be too much back and forth converting (digital to analog to digital to analog).

If one uses their own external dac connecting with an analog connection to the Technics amp, it would then and only then use Technics as a stand alone amp by passing Technics own built in DAC.

Correct me if I am wrong please, I am sure it would help others as well.

For users who heard the Technics amp, did you feel adding in your own DAC helped or were you already very satisfied with the built in DAC within the Technics amp?

It’s a matter of taste, like all things audio. You won’t know until you try it. I love the sound regardless of whether I use the digital or analog inputs. The only way I don’t like it is with Coax, but that’s me. If I were stuck with just one choice, I’d use the Toslink digital input and call it a day. With all the talk about which DAC is better, I’m always tempted to say to heck with DACs and just get the Technics.

I’ve posted this before but it’s worth doing so again,

For some reason, any YT video I try won’t fully embed but the link works if you click on it.

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