New Tenor Hybrid

With 7 or 8 pairs of the new monoblocks all ready delivered, who is going to be the first to post a mini review?
Mike & Frank,

I am sorry if I offended you. My post was simply answering Husk's question. I did for the record state that the amps, do indeed, apprear to be the real deal. Also, my comments were implying that every time a new amp from tenor comes out it seems to be the "flavor of the Month." This is the cause for my skepticism. I have heard all the gushing reviews over the Tenor 75WI. I was prepared to purchase a pair as a matter of fact! Now, some claim the amp is surpassed by a Hybrid design that takes everything the tube design does to new levels. Mike, you yourself claim to be converted to the magic of OTL designs. Let's see we go from OTL loving to A Hybrid design. Honestly, Would you not be skeptical knowing conventional wisdom of the differences between Tube and Hybrid amplifier design??
As far as giving the amp a poor review. I take every review with a grain of salt. Everyone listens for different auditory cues. Noone is immune to this. That is why each person must audition the product before purchasing. Also, how many owners that lay that kind of cash down are going to say that the amp is a clunker. If I put that much down I belive I would claim that the amps are SOTA as well.
As far as the comments toward the dealer. I will let the his track record on this forum, his attitude toward customers, and FINALLY the Merit of his products stand on their own!!!

Johnny "Chuck" Maggitas
Hey Chuck! You and I have done business a number of times before and nothing you said offended me at all. I agree that reviews are nothing more than informational and a starting point but that our EARS are the best and only trustworthy barometer. As far as saying I like the hybrid amps better because I PAID for them surely doesn't apply to me. I just finished reviewing the Tenor 75 OTLs and had them in my system for 7 months when the 300HP Hybrids arrived. I had no obligation to buy the 300s at all.

Like I said before, NOBODY was a bigger Dubting Thomas than I was when it came to the hybrids. Hell, I even heard them at the 2003 show in Montreal with the same gear I had in my syetm and I liked the 75 OTLs better (show conditions probably had a part in that I know). I also had very well respected kilobuck hybrids in my system before and the Tenor OTLs, IMHO, bettered them substantially. So, I had a huge preconceived notion and bias against them when they arrived.

All that said, and AFTER comparing them side by side with NO obligation to buy, I bought them. I, for one, do not feel the need to ever justify my purchase to anyone because if I do not like the gear, at the great prices I am privileged to get stuff at, I simply sell it and buy something I do like.

Finally, I make no comments on the dealer as I was simply pointing out that the people who buy Tenor and Kharma gear are limited in their choices of where to buy it.

Have a good one.

Hi Frank /Mike !!

One of the definitive factors and concept in a hybrid system is its ability to handle bottom end punch, always seems to be a point of contention with me and tubes !! ..

The hybrid concept (I presume) aims to enhance bottom end. Can you tell us if this has been achieved ? .. without affecting the smooth milky mids that Tubes and specifically the Tenors give !

thanks !!!!

See ya both in Vegas I hope (I'm already fully booked :)

Chuck, your inference that any feedback from this "dealers" customers was less than genuine did offend me. the first thing i mentioned in my comments was that "I" was skeptical.....even after hearing the differences for myself in SF. i was even given a special private opportunity at SF to a/b the hybrids and OTL's.....and i was "STILL" skeptical. so in the context of my skepticism, i think it should be clear that i don't (and never have) just jump (ed) on anything that "this dealer" recommends.

>>>>"Also, my comments were implying that every time a new amp from tenor comes out it seems to be the "flavor of the Month. This is the cause for my skepticism."<<< since Tenor has only had one product......where are you coming from here?......there is no pattern of activity with Tenor as flavor of the month. 2 to 3 years ago, the Tenor OTL's set new standards for some listeners.....and until the Hybrids came out.....that was the only Tenor product.

you could have said that you were skeptical about the amps and left it at that......and that would have been a reasonable thing to say.

i never have any problem with someone disagreeing with my opinion......people can judge the merits of anyone's perceptions for themselves. but when you question my honesty or motivations it does definitely offend me since that gets personal.

you didn't need to add your "dealer in Portland and Seattle" comment in your answer to Husk. that was just a cheap shot. if you have a problem with that dealer.....maybe get some facts that hold water. you can't just make accusing inferences that are not justified and not bring into question your own integrity.
One last question Johnny, how many amps has Levinson (or any manufacturer for that matter) come out with that are supposed to be bigger and better than the previous ones? Mike makes a good point. "Tenor" - flavor of the month? Where and the heck did you get that one from? Food for thought.