New Teres Direct Drive Motor Available as Option

Hi Folks:
It looks like Teres is now offering a direct drive motor as an option on their regualar tables. As a Teres 255 owner I'm contemplating the upgrade. Has anyone tried the new motor on there existing/old Teres, and does it seem like the upgrade is worth it? Here's a link to the new product:

Pauly- I would strongly recommend jumping on the next used/demo Teres that shows up here. It does happen from time to time. At a discounted price, there is virtually no risk. Also, I guess one way to look at the "investment" end of it that you talked/balked about is this way. If the table you are interested in provides an equivalent audio experience that is 15% higher than what you could get for the same price elsewheres, and if it requires you to pay up front and get delivery 1 year later, (at no risk, see the no questions asked return policy) then you have gotten a 15% return on a one year term investment with no risk. How much are 1 year CDs (no not the silver disks!!) at your bank paying this year? If its 15%, please provide your swift #s so I can wire you some money ;~) Seriously, dealing with boutique manufacturers has some pluses and some minuses. The pluses generally tend to be on the performance side, the minuses tend to be on the convenience and risk side. Here, I think its mostly on the convenience side. AND you get the satisfaction of a handmade product and the ability to deal directly with the builder.

I'm not trying to start a war here and yes I have a Teres TT (bought used; I only had to wait 1 week for mine (thanks Nick)! But its hard to use steely-eyed banker logic to evaluate a product that contributes to such an emotional experience as music (live or recorded, if its not evoking an emotional response, why listen?)

I am a VPI TNT III owner with a poorly designed & now broken PLC controller that VPI no longer supports. I've also observed that the TT sounds better on thread drive than the stock rubber belts. However, slippage of the thread on the small pulley on the old 600 RPM motor makes thread drive difficult to keep in tune. I have been evaluating purchase of a Verus motor in comparison to VPI's upgrade path of SDS and newer motor. The Verus looks like the better alternative. Now if Chris is half as charming as Harry W's wife on the phone (answer: yes, he must be, even though I have never spoken to him), then I'll be buying a Verus.

I echo Doug’s comments about the Teres Bearings and would feel quite certain that what was once an issue with the bearings on some of the tables for a short period is no longer problem.
I just bought my 3rd Teres table and have had wonderful experiences all 3 times and no down time in 4 years. Chris took the first two tables back in trade and made the process dead simple and financially comfortable.
I have heard the Verus prototype run on my 360 and it out performed my 360 motor by a clear margin (I now have a Certus Direct Drive). The Verus will probably show a much greater level of improvement on tables with lighter platters and or lesser quality motors than those of my 360.
The fact that Chris allows a test drive and you don’t have to leave your house to receive it (I seriously doubt that you will want to return it), makes this a pretty much of a no brainer for someone whose sonic goals and budget permits owning a Verus.
In short order, once the first flurry of Verus motors are in some customer’s hands, I suspect you will have some quite positive feedback that should make one feel quite comfortable demoing a Verus.
I am a bit confused with your post. Were you required to pay for the whole table in advance while you would wait for it ? In the past, Chris required a partial deposit and the waits were not in the order of 6 months.
Your question was to Doug, but I will tell you that Chris is a gentleman and a pleasure to work with.
Hi Cello

I have no idea what the wait period is, but I have read one post were a gent stated he waited almost 12 months. I do not know what the background is pertaining to that particular transaction, and concur that it could be an anomaly and not the norm.

My post was to elude that I will not purchase sight unseen (or unheard) even if Teres has a liberal return policy, due to the extended waiting period. If, god forbid, I dislike the table, both my money (deposit) and time would be locked for the waiting period with zero benefit for me. I suppose due to my line of business I view time = money. Money not earning a return = loss.

I ended up purchasing an Oracle and which arrived in two weeks. Since it was to my satisfaction, I kept it. If I did not like the table, I could have returned it and purchased something else within a reasonable time. That said, I had heard an Delphi some time ago (10 years or so) and really liked it, so I was confident I would not be disappointed.

One could do what I and others who were planning on spending this kind of money on a table did. Make a few arrangements with Chris, Thom, whoever else, get on a plane to Denver and listen to the products and talk face to face. Maybe that's not as good as getting the 'table in your own room but with the satisfaction guarantee I can't really see the down side.

And best of all you'll have a chance to meet some really great people!