New Tidal Plans and Changes

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I plan to downgrade and save $120/yr ($1,200 over 10 years...God willing!). Seems like all I’ll be giving up is MQA which is OK. If I’m missing something let me know.

I've enjoyed this last year of Tidal and some of the "Masters" selections do sound sublime (A lot of them sound mediocre too.) but I'm not paying double just to retain them when I re-subscribe at the $10-ish/month level that fits my budget.  Will Tidal delete all the Masters/MQA selections that are in the playlists I've compiled or throttle them down to "just" Redbook quality?

I think they oughtta grandfather them in to the previously favorited tracks/albums and playlists but I suppose what will be will be...

Good to know.  I could care less about MQA or the "immersive sound options".  I've been thinking about getting rid of Tidal altogether as I listen almost exclusively to Qobuz at home and Spotify in the car, but there are times where I find things on Tidal that aren't on Qobuz and I like the My Mix feature.