New Tidal Plans and Changes


@toro3  I also received the email. I believe it's an automatic upgrade for those who were already subscribed to the previous top level plan.

@troidelover1499  Yes, and agree. Square's (the new owner's) approach, plans, and business model are likely reasons as well.

@ toro3

I received such an email and found it somewhat suspicious (request for login password to process a basic plan feature inquiry)...

@lg1  My email DID NOT request login ...  you are right to be concerned. 

Though (I'm assuming) there may be an effort to 'upgrade' if you are not already on their top tier plan.

Got the email too, thanks for this thread as I hadn't yet looked into the new tiers.

Just downgraded to the HiFi (vs what I have now; HiFi+) service to save some money.  I don't really need MQA, or '3D sound'. 

I like how they are paying artists directly with HiFi+, but unfortunatly it seems those payments are only going to thier 'most popular' artists. Somehow I doubt the artists I listened to in Tidal will benifit from that.