New to Classical Music - Album to try first??

Hi all,
I have a very important question to ask..

I know good music with talented people and good recording when I hear it..and I have good ears..

When I listen to an artist that I haven't heard before, It is actually very easy to tell if you will like their music...If you hear a few cuts that you want to listen to AGAIN, that is the start of listen to the cuts again and you start having favorites.. on good albums you will have a couple of real favorites, on great albums you may have 5 or more you are really on to something...a nice music excursion.

That is exactly the way that most good music comes into my life, and I would think that it is much the same for most audiophiles..

I listen to classic rock, jazz & female jazz singers, some country and many kinds of other music..I am open to all music by talented people and especially love well recorded, dynamic examples on a good system..

Now here's the question.
I have NEVER listened to classical music, but I would like to try some now..
What one album would you suggest for me to try first?
- It has to start somewhere..

Please take your time to answer..and I will borrow or buy the one most suggested, and am looking forward to it..

Maybe start not that far back in time and see how that works. Gershwin or Enescu are good recommendations from the l930's. For Enescu try his Rumanian Rhapsodies for Gershwin his Rhapsody in Blue or American in Paris and then maybe work your waqy back to Rachmaninoff, Brahms etc.
Just a thought but if you start with something more familiar you may find the influences on that composer to be a guide to where to look.
Try borrowing discs from your local library with some of the following (some of which have already been suggested), which are selected primarily for melodic appeal and familiarity):

1812 Overture -- Tschaikovsky
Night on Bald Mountain and/or Pictures at an Exhibition -- Mussorgsky
Brandenburg Concertos -- Bach
Bach Organ Music, Toccata and Fugue in D Minor and/or Passaglia in C
Eine Kleine Nachtmusik -- Mozart
William Tell Overture (Lone Ranger Theme) -- Rossini
Light Cavalry Overture -- Suppe
Beethoven -- Symphony No. 5 (Then nos. 6, 7 and 9)
Themes on a Variation by Paganini -- Brahms
Hungarian Rhapsody No. 2 -- Liszt
Waltzes by Strauss (Johann)
Rodeo and/or Appalachian Spring -- Copland
Canon in D -- Pachelbel

Have fun and good luck!
Wow, the Lone Ranger theme--that was one of my firsts too. Thanks for bringing it back, Avguygeorge.