new to streaming- help!

Hi all-

I'm a long time audiophile but have always gone the cd/vinyl route.  I am trying streaming but having trouble setting up a Bluesound Node X.  Something about my wifi it doesn't like...I am enjoying Tidal on my Macbook, however.  Which brings me to a question.  Would I get better sound quality anyway if I just connected my laptop to an external dac?  Should I scrap the Blue Sound?  And if go that route, does it matter if I have my laptop connected to ethernet, or will sound quality be the same on either ethernet or wifi?  (Asssuming a cable from MAC to DAC...).

Alternatively, would it make sense to run Tidal from Ipad to DAC? Or does one need  a streamer like Blue sound to do that?

I'm sure this will get sorted out, but feeling slightly overwhelmed at the moment.




Bluetooth is a direct connection to the player, so we know at least the player functions correctly.


Are you trying to connect the Node to the campus wi-fi / local network? If so, the university IT staff may be blocking certain networking ports for security reasons. This may be what’s keeping your iPhone / MacBook from communicating with the Node.

Definitely don’t go back to a PC.


There is a place to show your system. Would help us better assess where you are at and taylor recommendations.

I have brought my digital end from terrible, step by step to having sound quality equal to my excellent vinyl system over the last 20 years.. So by the streamer quality and DAC quality you chose the sound quality that the rest of the system can provide. If you want it can sound as good or better than your vinyl rig.


Try unplugging your Node,let it reboot,then try to link to Wi-Fi.   Sometimes these get a little wonky. I hope this helps.

Setting up the Node N130 was a piece of cake.  The only thing that I had a problem with was connecting to my NAS and the problem was all me! As far as using wireless, I have 500 meg down from Spectrum that’s pretty solid and have tried Wi-Fi.  It works just fine, but seeing as I started out with a direct connection I stayed with it.

I  must say that the Node has been solid for over a year now.  When the power went out, I was concerned about it reconnecting and when the power came back on all was good in less than a minute.

All the best.