New to streaming question

Hi - I'm an analog front end guy but recently decided to start streaming in our family room.  I have a Naim Uniti Atom HE and have been using Quboz to stream but have a simple question.  The Hi-Res files on Quboz albums are available in 24bit-192 however the maximum I can play is at 24bit-92.  I have a CAT8 wired from my router directly to the Naim and am using my phone with Quboz to stream to the Naim via Chromecast.  What do I need to do connection-wise to listen to the files in 192?  Apologies for the basic question, I'm new to the streaming world.  Thanks very much 


Good question. 

If you have hard wired your Naim to your router… then the Naim should working as a Streamer, DAC, and integrated amp. So the phone should not be involved… other than a controller. So, the Naim can select between inputs… Bluetooth, wifi… etc. you want the input ?Ethernet?… or whatever the name is. Or try wifi. Avoid any roaring through Bluetooth or apple AirPlay. These are inferior protocols.


If you are communication correctly.. then let’s look at the file resolution.


Did I interpret you question / situation correctly?

If your equipment is properly set up and capable of 24/192 you might want to check  your settings in Qobuz to make sure you’ve enabled 24/192 resolution. 

+1, If your DAC equipment is properly set up and capable of 24/192 resolution you might want to check your settings in QoBuz to make sure you have enabled 24/192 resolution.   

Please confirm your DAC and QoBuz settings and report back what you find.  

I'm using the built-in DAC of the Naim Uniti and my settings in Qobuz are all enabled to play 24/192.  I use the Qobuz app to play tracks that get sent to the Naim via Chromecast so might this be the issue?  If there's a better connectivity scenario for playing Qobuz to the Naim I'd love to find that out.