New to streaming question

Hi - I'm an analog front end guy but recently decided to start streaming in our family room.  I have a Naim Uniti Atom HE and have been using Quboz to stream but have a simple question.  The Hi-Res files on Quboz albums are available in 24bit-192 however the maximum I can play is at 24bit-92.  I have a CAT8 wired from my router directly to the Naim and am using my phone with Quboz to stream to the Naim via Chromecast.  What do I need to do connection-wise to listen to the files in 192?  Apologies for the basic question, I'm new to the streaming world.  Thanks very much 


Hey l have the same situation and cannot get 192/24 playback
I run a cat 5 cable from my TP Link high speed router to my Audiolab 6000n streamer then spdif into my Oppo BD 105  blu ray player ( l use the oppo DSP to control my two subs) then spdif out to my external Exogal Comet Plus Dac
The Audiolab 6000N, OPPO and Exogal all support 192 24 
And also I'm not sure if I'm having a battle between the DAC's between my devices for playback?  When you go spdif out of the oppo it will bypass the oppo internal DAC I go through my oppo because my two channel setup is a ARC LS15 tube preamp and VAC PA 100 100 tube amp  So no way for me to connect my two subs other than through the OPPO sub out
The streaming service/control for my Audiolab 6000n is all done through my smart phone via DTS PLAY-FI 

I use Qobuz and going through their "discover" selections, I will find something in what they stipulate is "HI-REZ", but when I play some of them, my streamer tells me they are 16:44.1, same as a CD.  It is Qobuz doing that, I am pretty sure.  And some things that come through as 24/192 don't always sound better than 24/96. 

Do you use Naim control app on your phone? Cause using Chromecast is not exactly direct streaming. Chromecast is just another way of connection between your phone and streamer and if you using Chromecast the actual streamer in this case is your phone with Qobuz as a source, not your Naim streamer.
In case to get highest resolution you need Naim as a main source and you need to control it with original app installed in your phone or tablet. In this case you don’t need Chromecast at all. Chromecast just working like a Bluetooth. When you stream from your Naim you’ll need to select Ethernet as a connection type and use Qobuz file inside of Naim controlling app on your phone. Don’t use Qobuz app. 

“some things that come through as 24/192 don’t always sound better than 24/96“”


Amen to that. 
Mastering is more important.

“some things that come through as 24/192 don’t always sound better than 24/96“”

My experience also. 192 does nothing to benefit mediocre recordings.