New to Streaming

Is Spotify a Hi Fi source for streaming? What streamer is good at $1000


I had a Bluesound Node 2i in my main 2 channel system, then a Bluesound Powernode in a second home where I try and keep the number of boxes to a minimum, I also have my TV running thru the Powernode. 

I decided to try the Eversolo DMP-6, because I liked the internal storage as well as the sexy interface. I set this up in a residence where I can't really listen loud, and I just have an inexpensive HT receiver and a cheap pair of Dynaudio speakers that have the tweeter cones pushed in. My wife doesn't pay much attention to this stuff, so I was amazed to hear her say (regarding the Eversolo), 'wow, that sounds really good, much better than the other thing we had' (regarding the Bluesound). When I moved the Eversolo to my main system, it didn't take much at all to hear the superiority of it over the Node 2i. However it should be noted that BlueSound has just released a new streamer which is supposed to sound better. So you might want to get some opinions based on it. 

You seem to be interested in streaming only, if you also had your own collection of ripped CDs, as I do,  there are other things to consider. I had a lot of trouble keeping my library connected to the 2i over wifi. Some of that may be since I switched from PC to Mac and I don't have the depth of knowledge of the Mac I had with the PC. This is exacerbated by the fact that I move between different residences so have multiple things that can go wrong. In fact I finally gave up and have an m.2 drive in an enclosure that I connect to the Bluesound units via USB. I have to say that works flawlessly. The fact that the Eversolo has the internal SSD for a library was a big plus. 

The OS of anything Bluesound is better than the Eversolo. That may change with time since Eversolo can be updated by firmware. The Eversolo does not work with my M3U playlists that work just find with the Bluesound if the playlists contain foreign characters. My Edith Piaf list? Gone. My 1970s Salsa playlist? Ditto. My Bossa Nova playlist? Ouch. There are workarounds, but still. 

Also, more native apps in the Bluesound, although that too may change with time. If you want to add apps to the Eversolo, they have to be 'sideloaded' and they are not as pretty as the native apps. I listen to classical as well as everything else, and it took some doing to sideload Idagio and Apple Classical, although at the end of the day, it's done and they are working. 

I use Idagio for classical and Tidal for everything else. I do have a free Spotify account, but I don't use it much. There's no particular reason I use Tidal over Quobuz, only that I heard of it first and it suits my needs. 


The Bluesound node is a fantastic entry level streamer dac combo, and I highly recommend Quobuz as your service!

I’ll be the lone voice of dissent regarding Qobuz. But I agree regarding the BluSound Node. You can later add an external DAC and LPS with notable improvement along the way. 

I much prefer the content management of Spotify and find the SQ difference negligible at best. One benefit to streaming is to find new artists and explore their music and the Spotify interface is far superior to Qobuz and Tidal in that regard. If you like Wes Montgomery, you can select Wes Montgomery “radio” and an endless playlist of artists is provided with similar musical characteristics. 

I use the Wiim Pro at less than $200. It is supposed to have bit perfect output. I love the app on my phone it controls all of my services Amazon, Tidal, Spotify, and Qobuz.. I am looking to upgrade. I use coax out to a Gustard r26 DAC. Sounds  great to me.

 If you don't like it or want to upgrade you can sell it easily.

@1happyman +1! I second your choice of the Wiim Pro! Die-hard 'philes won't like it because how can anything so cheap be any good? Doesn't Wiim have a budget version for like $70?