New Townshend Rock 7 owner

The Townshend is in transit to it's new home. I purchased this one-owner table as a package, complete w/ Funk Firm FXR ll arm, dc motor upgrade, Discovery Balanced phono cable and Brinkman PI cartridge. It come with all original boxes, manuals.

If all goes well, I should be able to get it up and running with one exception, my phono stage is not balanced. Since the original owner bought this from a respected dealer as a package, I think my best route would be to get a pair of RCA to XLR adapters in order to hear the package as close as possible as was intended.

Any thoughts on that aspect? What brand adapters would be recommended? Also, any thing I might need to know from experienced users to help with set-up? Thanks.
Slaw, Max is known for two things: his brilliant designs, and his less-than-excellent manufacturing standards. Luckily, the former outweighs the latter, and makes his products, though imperfect, unique and excellent sounding! The arm mounting plate on my Rock Elite, a thin (1/16") stamped piece of steel drilled for Linn arm mounting, was unacceptable. I got a sheet of 1/2" black acrylic and cut myself some mounting boards, damping the bottom with a sheet of lead. Problem solved. The Elite features a steel plinth (like an upside-down muffin tin) filled with plaster-of-Paris, and a black acrylic platter with same. High mass, non-resonant---deader than a doornail!
I bought my Rock Mk III 21 years ago based on a review by Robert E Green. I haven't felt the need to upgrade since. The Rock uses the inverted ball bearing design and has the solid acrylic platter. I have a OL Silver Mk II on mine - great synergy. Best of luck with it.
I also have a Rock 3.  Bought it back 1997 -- by far, longest I've owned any piece of audio gear.  Works great with all arms I've rotated though: SME V, Rega, Linn Ittok, Michell Tecnoarm, Kuzma Stogi, Kuzma Stogi Reference, Jelco 750, OL Encounter MK3c.  Love this table.  Keep looking for a good deal on a 7, which hopefully will be my final table.
spelly, the one and only complaint I have with the Rock 3 is that the damping fluid leaches through the trough, do you see the same?

The Kuzma Stogi Reference is a great match for the Rock, the arm I would have gotten myself if I hadn't found a nice Zeta. A KSR has just listed on Audiogon for $1500, a great price (it retails for about $3200). Do it Slaw!