New TT, Arm and MC Cartridge

Today is my birthday. I am seventy-two today. I have been lower than the mud under a snake's belly since my wife of fifty-one years and committed lover of fifty-four years passed away last month. I am going to buy myself a present.
That present is going to be a new turntable, tonearm and MC cartridge. I probably won't buy it for another week or two. What I presently have in mind is a Clearaudio Performance DC table or perhaps the Performance DC Wood table, the Satisfy carbon or perhaps the Tracer tone arm and a Clearaudio Talisman V2 Gold MC cartridge. Part of the reason for this choice is I have had good history with the dealer who sells them.
I would love to hear from any respondents who think this is a good choice or a bad choice.

Hello Kingharold,  really sympathize with you.  I am 73 and it s our 50th this month.
I have a midpriced Clearaudio turntable, I had the dealer put on the most expensive Clearaudio MM cartridge (I just prefer the MM sound) It is running through EAR 834p tube phono and 834 amp. Sounds beautiful.
My son - in - law who has spent $Zillions on a department store home theatre setup cannot get over my sound. So, I say go for it.
Sounds like an excellent choice. I love my Marantz TT-15S1,which is built by Clearaudio and features a MM Clearaudio Virtuoso Ebony Wood Cartridge. Your choices are light years above mine, but felt it was a steal at $1,600.
Happy Birthday and best wishes moving forward.
A vision deficiency changes everything - forget what I said. I would go with the most robust system your dealer can provide and set up.

All the best.
My respect and sadness goes out to you for your loss. My wife and I have been married 40 years now and your story strongly reminds me to never take that precious angel of mine for granted.

Just a reminder to all us guys that what the Lord gives, can also be taken away by him.

Peace to you, Brother.