New TT/cart question

I just hooked up, finally, a new Music Hall MMF7.1 with the stock Goldring Eroica high output moving coil cartridge. Here's my question. In previous years of TT use, I never could hear the music from the cartridge. I can hear the music playing from the cartridge when I turn the volume down. Is this normal with this cartridge, or is there a problem, ie VTF, etc? Most all my past experience has been with Shure carts.

Any advice/ideas welcome.
Johnnyb53, Yes, I am using the record clamp...

Markphd, yes, the shure's were MM.

I'm guesssing there is nothing wrong, just not use to hearing the sound from the cart. I need to play with the vta even though they say it's setup. bass seems weak...
I have a music hall MMF-2.2 which does the same thing. With the factory set goldring cartridge I could hear music coming from the cartridge, often quite loudly. I was told that this is normal. I didn't find that adjusting VTF or realigning the cartridge helped at all. I recently changed to a shure m97xe and the 'problem' pretty much disappeared. I can still hear a little bit if I put my ear very close to the cartridge. I think this is a characteristic of goldring cartridges. They seem ring/resonate. I notice this on a friends rega arm/goldring cart setup also.
Thanks all. Here's a new question. The setup only has about 15hrs on it so far, but it seems that the left channel is more dominant. Could this be from improper azimuth adjustment? Should I give the cart more break-in time before I start adjusting things?

For what it's worth, here is the setup:

Music Hall MMF-7.1
Pro-Ject Tube Box SEII
Primaluna Prologue II
Proac D15's

and, last, but not least......
Sony Discman........
Could be azimuth. It could also be a tube issue either with the Pro-Ject or the Primaluna. Also, check that all the drivers are working in your Proacs by putting your ear close to each one with music playing.