New tube preamp


I'm thinking of replacing my PS Audio BHK Signature preamp and was wondering if anyone has listened to the Supratek Cabernet 6SN7 and or the Linear Tube Audio Microzotl preamps or the LTA MZ3, from what I've read the preamp in both of the LTA's are identical. Both are very reasonably priced (under $5000.00) and both are tube designs. For the money they are both supposed to be giant killers. Thank you.

I've never been impressed with the BHK preamp - it sounds quite "soul-less" to me and left me underwhelmed.  In the under $5K range I'd be looking towards Don Sachs or Backert or perhaps a used Herron VTSP3A.
First of all thanks to everyone for your help and suggestions, really appreciate it. Soix, to answer your question, the BHK signature preamp is quite good and I’ve been very happy with it for over two years. The more I read about the Linear Tube Audio Microzotl pre and Supratek’s best sounding preamp, the Cabernet 6sn7 I can’t help but thinking both of those units will sound better then the BHK Signature. Possibly because both of them are 6sn7 tube based designs. The BHK uses 12au7’s. I value tonality and accurate tonal color and the two pre’s I am looking at are supposed to sound great and excell in exactly these areas. What I appreciate most about the Microzotl pre is that they FULLY break in everything they sell before they ship and they give you a 14 day return policy, they even pay return shipping. I wish every manufacturer would have the balls to do that! That speaks volumes to their confidence in the sound quality and there have been reviewers who have bought one after the review and it’s now their reference preamp (teajay) formerly of Home Theater magazine who now reviews gear for a well respected audio online magazine (I forget which one). I know teajay and respect his opinion and his ear.


The Lamm Industries LL2.1 is an exceptional vacuum tube preamplifier you may want to add to your audition list. It's a little over budget but in exchange you could be finished with your search and find long-term happiness.

I agree that you need to hear these things in your home, in your system to be able to make a choice that leads to that long-term happiness; find a dealer that will help make that happen.

- Colin

full disclosure: I'm a Lamm Industries dealer