So about $7,000.00 dollars for the new Luxman table, looks really nice and would be very interested in this table after seeing how it stacks up to the competition.

I love them reintroducing their substantial amboards from the last PD-171AL 👍

Beautiful TT. Plus, its made in Japan. I wish Luxman would introduce a DD TT

I have the PD-171a. Cosmetically it looks quite similar to mine. No more Jelco arm so I aaume the new arm is the LTA-309. Also my TT does 33 & 45 rpm. The 191 adds 78rpm. no interest in that function. The PD171a was just under 7K w/dustcover included. Curious to see what improvements were made. I'm sure there is a price increase. I'd love to do an A/B test on these TTs.