New Turntable or Better Cartridge?

I own a vintage Well Tempered Table and would like to upgrade my analog system. Should I purchase a new table (Rega Planar 8 and a $1500 cartridge) or simply keep the Well Tempered, save a considerable amount of money and spend it on a much better cartridge?
Thanks in advance for your feedback.
Keep the WT and get a better cartridge. Hana LE ($500) or Hana LS ($750) mc cartridges are a good choice under $1K and better than any MM and MI cartridges!
What cartridge do you have now? A new cartridge can breathe life into an older but capable table. Consider reducing the amount of damping fluid a little. 
Thank you both for your replies. I was looking at the Hana ML as a possibility with a new Rega table. As I said however, if I don't change my table I would be willing to put the thousands of $ saved into a much better cart. That would open the possibility up to maybe a Lyra Kleos. Would a WWT be a suitable table for such a high end cart?
At the moment I still have an old Grado TLZ cart. 
Unfortunately you're in a difficult place I feel, as I'm sure you're more than aware. The Well Tempered turntable is no entry level deck. A substantial improvement is difficult to suggest.

As well as the Rega 8 you owe it to yourself to check out one of the recent Technics decks. Either way, you should get a reasonable upgrade.

I would never contemplate throwing $1500 on a cartridge. Especially not when sub $500 gives you so many excellent options.

Check out this HiViNyws $350-$380 cartridge shoot out.
Hey you can buy a new tt for thousands and a cart to....spend 20,000 .If you want ,does it sound better ? you better hope so.But you don't have to go that far .Get a Fluance rt 84 $350 .Buying an old used tt for big bucks ,well I would  pass.

The Fluance reminds me of the days when the of 3 steps to vinyl heaven were said to be the Dual CS505/1, then the Rega Planar 3 and finally the Linn LP12.

Skip forward some 35 years and the entry point could now well be the Fluance RT84, with a possible move up to the Rega P3 and finishing off with the Technics SL1200G.

I think these current no-faff decks all offer excellent value for money in comparative performance terms too.
Yes all will serve well ,really depends on how much you want to send.I never had a 20k tt or 10 k ,would buy one if I could .i know I've seen ones that look more like a work of art .Chrome ,belts ,motors ,ring clamps, heavy weights on it .Way to much .But what ever makes you happy.