New turntable recommendations I have a MM-7 now

I currently have a Music Hall MM-7 with a Shure V-15 cartridge. I swaped interconnects last night and I think one of the tone arm leads broke again. This happened once before and it was a major pain for me to repair it.
So time to get a new table. I was happy with the sound of the MM-7, just looking for a new reliable table that is easy to set-up and stays that way.
Thanks for you advise, Mark
Man, if I was in the market for a <$3K turntable, i wouldn't part with the money without trying the new Well Tempered Amadeus at $2895, even if I had to fly or make a road trip to a dealer. You've got the marriage of Bill Firebaugh's unconventional genius combined with cost-effective Chinese manufacturing precision (they're built by Opera). Word is that this new design is notably unfussy.
A Transrotor turbillion used from the estate of an audiophile with a clueless family. I just love the look.
If you want convenience, consider a Thorens. German craftmanship, and most models have an automatic lift and turn off when the arm comes to the end of a record. And they look good in a retro sort of way.
Mark go linear tracking and save your cash. Bought a sony ps lx 5oo for 4o bones that wiped the floor with my mdf project that skipped every time i came within 5 miles of it.
MHansen, you wrote, "I swaped interconnects last night and I think one of the tone arm leads broke again." Do you mean to say that the act of swapping the ICs caused a short of one of the internal wires, between the cartridge pins and the output jacks of the tt? Or what? What is the symptom you are experiencing that causes you to draw this conclusion? If it's hum, then you have some other problem. Could be due to interaction of your phono cartridge with the tt motor, if you have certain MM or a moving iron types. Could more likely be due to a need to ground your tt to your preamp, etc.