New, Very Interesting CD Transport

On John Darko's website today we learn of the brand new Shanling ET3 CD Transport. And for $729 USD it looks really capable. Top loading with Philips SAA7824 drive. AES/EBU, coaxial, TOSLINK and I2S digital outputs. Plus Wifi and Bluetooth. USB to connect to a external HD and built in upsampling, too. It even will output digital to USB for connection to a DAC but not with upsampling.

Here's the skinny:

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I already have on hand a Denon, a JVC and two Sony's (DVD and Blue Ray) players for use as transports. After an Agon member recommended the HD841 I went looking for one on eBay. I expect it will do fine!

Will a CD drive from a 1999 Compaq Presario desktop pc serve as a good transport homie????? It's all "1s & 0s" after all, yes????????????

Here's another thread where folks have actually listened to the ET-3 and prefer it to the new Schiit URD among others.

Shanling ET-3 CD Transport

Yesterday I was invited to see in the New Year, in the company of some of my local HiFi Group members, as well as supply a set of ears to assist with evaluations of a certain component exchange on a CDP and evaluate Two very similarly built Pre-Amp's, that have now evolved to one having TVC Volume Control and the other a Khozmo VC along with a few other bespoke components added to the circuit. c    .

Tube Rolling was the fundamental behind the get together.

An Audio Note CD2 was made available to be used for the Tube Rolling experience. The CD2 owner has been trying out the supplied Tube along with a recent acquired Vintage Amperex. Both produced a sonic that was able to be lived with, with the Amperex having the effect that was least attractive to myself, I was on y own on that as the evaluation.

The Pre's were added to be used with each of these Tubes, there was enough going on with the sonic to show the impact the Pre-Amp's selected topology could create. The assessment which was unanimous was that each of the Pre's was at their best with a different Tube upstream.   

Next up were a selection of loaned Tubes specially selected for this experience.

The loaned Tubes to be used were all tested and measured showing each being above the Factory Spec' for each Tube. The Period of production for the Tubes ranged from Mid 50's through to Late 60's. 

First used for this Tube Roll has been a quite expensive in todays money early 60's version, the introduction of this used with Khozmo VC Pre-Amp' blew all attendees away.

The follow Up tube being a Mid 50's Tube and one that can be found for approx' 70% cheaper than the previous used 60's Tube, again blew all attendees away. This tube begged for both Pre's to be tried with it in use, and both Pre's were amply rewarded for the sonic being produced with this Tube used upstream. 

My overall evaluation was quite simple, where I stated not even AN know the quality the CD2 is able to produce.

To gauge the CD2 in use with the Mid 50's Tube the next period was with a £4K CDP in use which has been Tube Rolled and selections made with a lot longer period allowed for evaluations.

The CD2, even though not as impressive overall as the £4K CDP, had plenty on offer to strongly suggest it was something quite special. 

The Tubes were no longer a case of how long one could be lived with, it was now a case of how long could one of the Vintage options be lived without.

The impression made was so good, other selected Tubes to be trialed, were not tried out.