New 'Vinyl Flat' flattener?

Anyone tried one of these here yet, and your impressions/review, please?

I think I would look to do it with the optional sleeve/heat system myself.
I have the Vinyl Flat record flattener and love it. Its all to easy to get the records dead flat. The product is very well made and thought out.

I think the instructions err on the side of caution as I have also experimented with not so valuable records leaving them in the heat for longer than first recommended - no problems at all.

The choices to expertly flatten records are Furutech at $2000 or Vinyl Flat at under $100. I can't believe anyone needs to even think about it!
I got an e-mail from John Martindale to say the pouch is available and shipping, so I have ordered one. Since I am due in two weeks to acquire another two boxes (each box is ~ 100 LPs) of the record collection I am inheriting piecemeal, I kind of hope one of them will be warped! None have been as yet, but there are 900 more classical LPs to come. They have taught me to love the Nonesuch label.
Thanks for the head's up Doc. I have ordered the package/bundle and it's shipping today.
Got my VinylFlat/Groovy Pouch combo today! Did my initial test on a copy of Eagles The Long Run that would launch the stylus out of the groove on the outer cut. Followed the instructions and four hours later the album is about as flat as I could ask for - only minor vertical movement of the cartridge and tonearm on each revolution.

So, this is a product that garners my full support and recommendations!