New 'Vinyl Flat' flattener?

Anyone tried one of these here yet, and your impressions/review, please?

I think I would look to do it with the optional sleeve/heat system myself.
Well, it was about 11 hours in the pouch. To my surprise this LP is unchanged. This is in stark contrast to every other LP I've tried thus far. Obviously vinyl from different sources may vary in chemical composition. Anyone else tried this on an older Mofi? Maybe they're more refractory to intervention. It certainly is no worse than before with the same beautiful sheen. If worse comes to worse I can just keep this one for side two.
At any rate, the risk involved in experimenting with this thing seems to be quite small. I do think I'll try the oven trick suggested by Miner42 but I'll need to pick up a couple thermometers first to make sure the temperature in my oven is accurate.
I use my vinyl flat in a Breville Smartoven - a small tabletop toaster/convection oven. Works like a charm and regulates temps evenly.
I have now tried the oven at a confirmed 150 degrees and still no change in this Mofi disc from the 70's. I think I'll stop on this one after three cycle for fear of destroying the one playable side. The vinyl flat obviously can't fix everything but I've had enough success already that I'm more than sold. I think I may draw the line at two runs. If twice doesn't do it I'll stop unless I really just don't care what happens. This make 5 successes to one failure. Not too bad considering a zero success rate with other methods.
Give Vinyl Flat a call. I had a question about their product and they were super helpful. Probably get farthe doing that than talking to us bozos.
Did you check/feel to ensure the pouch was warm? Mine was intermittent heating at first.