New 'Vinyl Flat' flattener?

Anyone tried one of these here yet, and your impressions/review, please?

I think I would look to do it with the optional sleeve/heat system myself.
A fellow sent me this Steely Dan Aja album to try and flatten. After multiple attempts; 6 hours, then 12 hours, then 24 hours and finally 48 hours in the vinyl flat and pouch, the thing is pretty flat. labor intensive but ultimately successful. I'm going to try and post the link to the clips.¤t=AjaSideBPre.mp4¤t=2012-01-30_18-17-31_247.mp4¤t=2012-01-30_17-52-45_675.mp4
48 hours in the pouch? Do you notice any sonic changes after that long. I may try that on my Mofi Slowhand that just doesn't want to comply.
I played it after the long hot soak. Sounded fine to me but I was playing it on a system I had just assembled. I recently returned the album to the owner. let's see what Tom has to say about the sound!
My pouch died after 3 days of use.
(purchased last week)
You may have better luck.
As nothing was flattened while it worked I have ordered a
Cuisinart TOB-195BCC Exact Heat(TM) Convection Toaster Oven
Will accommodate 12' pizzas so should be fine.
looked at reviews for the Breville Smartoven mentioned above.
Plenty of complaints of oven dying after
one year of use and next to no customer support.
The Cuisinart had the highest rating.