New Wilson Shasha W/P Series 2

Hey Wilson Shasha W/P fans, just picked up a news blip off The Audio Beat web site that a series 2 version of the Sasha will be shipping next month. Here the link:

Well, it looks like a whole bunch of obsolete and useless Wilson Sasha series 1 speakers will be listed for sale on A'gon. Let me be the first to offer $100 for a used pair of Sasha speakers (9 out of 10) condition. Seller to pay shipping.

:) Just kidding. Hope you guys get your investment back.

Brf. Actually--a good idea for all super high end manufacturers. There is a residual value to all things.
As for the new silk dome tweeter. Don't know if it makes sense to offer an upgrade to Sasha I owners (of which I am one) as Sasha was voiced with a tweeter with very different physical and sound characteristics than the new tweeter. Also, the new tweeter is in a different cabinet position in the Sasha 2 than the former tweeter was in the original Sasha. Frankly, looking at the design changes, I'm not sure that the Sasha 2 will be that much better than the Sasha as much as it will be different.
I remember liking the WP 7 much more than the 6. I did not like the 8 much more, if at all, than the 7. But I do love the Sasha.The Sasha 2 will have to be much better than the original for me to consider a move.
In the WP series to me the best until now is the Sasha WP, and then the 5.1 system

You don't know what you are talking about. While there may not be an official trade in program I think most dealers work with their clients. My dealer gave me a great trade when I upgraded from the w/p 8 to the Sasha w/p. I had a little depreciation on the 8s but nothing like 50%.

Why is it that the ignorant post with such authority?

Exactly what is it you're claiming I don't know? Dealer trade in's have nothing to do with Wilson's business model. A Wilson Audio backed upgrade or trade in policy would be news to me.

I'm glad your dealer took care of you none the less.
You ever think that Wilson's policy is to work through the dealer in helping their clients upgrade?

Your statement of this massive depreciation hit was not my experience and not the experience of other Wilson owners I know. My point is I suspect you have no experience with upgrading through the Wilson. Your statement is backed by a review of the items listed on Audiogon. You don't know what you are talking about on this subject.