New WIREWORLD Eclipse 8 series FULL REVIEW

The Wireworld updated Eclipse 8 speaker cables, interconnects and the 75 ohm digital coax could be the greatest value ( in the “ upper priced market) visa- vie sound quality- ( without going to $6k for Inakustik’s LS-4004) !!

I recently bought the WW Eclipse 8 xlr interconnects vs my Cardas clear reflection the reflection warmer this new 8 series cables are dramatically better the very respectable 7 series,across the board.
Interesting sentence. I can’t tell if you actually preferred Eclipse 8 over Cardas Clear Reflection. Also, have you tried regular Cardas Clear?
Well— I will be reviewing Wireworld Eclipse 8 Silvers in a few weeks, having just installed the interconnects replacing Basic Eclipse 8.
Assuming your loudspeakers have NO ... uptilted upper mid- treble response; you will be in for a SHOCK!!
Otherwise, we have decided on our product of the year for 2020– ( products WE have reviewed, of course)
Has anyone compared the series 8 to other popular cables? I’d be curious if anyone has tried these against Silversmith, Cerious, Audio Envy, Nordost etc