New Yamaha integrated amps

Just a few days ago I checked the Yamaha site to see if they really were releasing a new S lineup. I read somewhere (maybe Reddit or here) that they were going to release updated S series integrated amps. Well, I checked again tonight, and voila! There they are---the new A-S1200, 2200 and 3200 (flagship). I'm in the process of looking for a new integrated and the 2100 was on my radar. I'd like to see what's different on these. I bet the older models will have some sweet deals. Has anyone seen or heard them yet! 
@twoch I didn't say I was definitely getting a Yamaha. I simply wanted to hear from some folks who may have had an S model since there are some really good reviews online. I'm looking at other integrateds---I would like to have one that includes HP amp and phono stage. The new Yamahas have those as well as the Luxman 505/507uxii and Parasound HINT. The McIntosh is on my radar but they are so big and will not fit into my rack---unless I buy and amp stand or something. So still looking. 
Had an AS2100, great amp, kind of regret selling it but I needed the money, found this thread and will be looking into the new models

Apologize as I am a bit late to this discussion.  So much going on out there....

I am listening to the Yamaha AS2200 while typing this.  This Yamaha replaced Bryston and Parasound monoblocks due to space contraints.  This unit is an incredibly musical amp for the money.  I doubt if I can do any better without spending several thousand more.  The highs are well extended but not fatiguing.  Extremely pleasant and holographic sound that induces toe tapping.  At 90W/C, my Polk 707s could use a bit more power, but it's more than adequate at medium volume.  The bass is also very tight and accurate.  In reality it sounds more like an 150 wpc amp. 

Now in search of streamer/dac unit.  I'll take recommendations from those who matched well with respective AS2100.  A friend just recommended replacing current Spotify with Roon/Qobuz combo for streaming.  Been looking at Lumin D2, Teac NT505.       

Anyone have the A-S2100 and the A-S2200 and can speak to the differences in sounds signature?

I owned the luxman 505ux-2  it very nice sounding but not the lsdt word in low level detail s I sold it the Anthem srt with room correction noticably better.