Somehow the messages for Upstate NY have been lost. The Audiogon Staff asked that I start it agian.

Here we go...If you have an interest, post a message and state where you are. If there is enough interest, maybe we can get something going at some point.

I am in the Syracuse area.
Well looks like I'm the lone eastlander, way over in Glens Falls, I would be interested in getting together if within a drive of hopefully no more than 3ish hours. Main system is McCormack transport and DAC, McCormack MLD-1 Headphone/Pre, Edge M4 Amp, Fried Studio V's, AudioPower Ultra 1116 and PE-1, and all Synergistic cabling. AV system is Marantz Receiver, Denon DVD, Cal-Audio CL 10 CD, Snell XA60 Mains Audio Power 1118 for componants and Monster for Panasonic Plasma, also, all synergistic research cabling for audio/tributaries for Video. I'm thinking of adding the Squeeze Box Transporter, but would like to see others like Marantz or Magnum come up with a similar piece - anyone else anxious for a higher end internet radio addition?
Hey guys, Tommy here from Baldwinsville (north of syr). System; Classe cdp.5, Rotel pre, Asl wave-8 mono amps and Tyler ref monitors. I'd love to hear some other (better) systems.