Somehow the messages for Upstate NY have been lost. The Audiogon Staff asked that I start it agian.

Here we go...If you have an interest, post a message and state where you are. If there is enough interest, maybe we can get something going at some point.

I am in the Syracuse area.
It,s nice to see some responce from the (upstate) Actually lower N.Y.State area.We all share the same hobby and A passion for music im sure.I have A modest system compared to some.Denon,onkyo,Paradigm 90P fronts source technoligies center and rears and I just got A 40" Sammy LCD.So Im A A.V. kinda guy. anybody wanna talk call me at (607) 722-5111 THX Jim...
Hey Jim,

I have both interests. I have a stereo in my Den just for music, but for my living room system a friend and I took my 50" plasma that's been stand mounted for three years, and hung it over the fireplace. I have a 15 year old Marantz AV receiver (dolby pro-logic "antiquated"), but an excellent sounding receiver, and it only runs the surrounds anyway. I have Snell XA60 front speakers, "phantom center" and new Castle surrounds. No sub yet. But I really like having the TV center'd between the front speakers, and am very happy with the sound/video quality, but now I have the bug, but can't do it all at once.
I think it,s time to upgrade that reciever.If you buy new Marantz it will have the HDMI into you,re T.V. and all the new codecs The sound will blow you away.Bluray players are pretty cheap now ,then the center channel.Subwoofer will add that bottom end Bass.One step at A time.It will rock you,re world..THX Jim
Check out the Capital Audiofest 2011 updates. Hope to see you there.