New Zu Mission cable

For some reason, the other thread on this subject was deleted. I wanted to hear from those who bought the new Mission cable during Zu's recent promotional period. I also would like to open up this thread to impressions of this cable once in your system.
I don't think they've started shipping yet. They're slammed. Tried to place an order last week, and was told they'd get back to me when they weren't getting crushed. Still get the discount- the Zu people are very, very easy to deal with. I'll let you know when I get them. Ordered Mission XLR IC's and the Mission LS cable. Sean Casey told me that Mission LS was warmer than Libtec with solid state gear, but that they hadn't found much of a difference between Libtec and Mission LS with tube amplifiers. Significant, if only because Mission costs about half as much as Libtec.
Got my 2 pairs yesterday. XLR pair and RCA pair. Very thin cables. They use a common center section, then split out on both ends. Need breaking in, but so far I notice more solid bass compared to Wylde.
THolt I owe you an e-mail and will send it soon. I thought I'd share some findings and will be careful with what I write. I contributed to the last thread and I don't know if something I wrote may have caused the deletion.

I've got Zu WAX loudspeaker cables and wanted to try the Zu Mission loudspeaker cables due to the proclamation that they are more tonally balanced. I love the detail of the Zu WAX speaker cables but man the treble and higher frequencies hurt my ears even after a good amount of break-in. I may have other issues with my system but am trying to do a process of elimination.

I have not put the Mission Speaker cables in as they are being broken in a separate system I set up in my basement. I'm going to give them 200+ hours of break-in time 24/7. Since the Zu WAX SCs are broken in I wanted to even the playing field as much as I could so an even comparison could be made. In about 10 days or so I'll compare the 2 sets of speaker cables.

I got lucky with my Mission Speaker cable order. I called it in on 9/9 and paid via credit card. The Mission cables were @ my door in NY on 9/13/2010.

Physically the Mission speaker cables are thinner and a lot less rigid than Zu Wax cables. I was told by another helpful A'gon member that don't be fooled by how much smaller they are. They provide a large return performance/cost wise. I guess Yoda had it right "Size matters not. Look at me. Judge me by my size, do you?"

Last thing I noticed physically was that Zu used different 1/4" spades on the Mission SCs vs the WAX SCs I have. I kind of like the 1/4" spades on WAX line of cables better. They look more solid. I'm going to contact Zu later to find out what's up.

Take care everyone.
Haven't tried the Mission LC just yet, but I did plug in the long run XLR to my subwoofer. Improvement was immediate. Biggest thing I noticed was complete elimination of ground noise from the sub on soft passages. Mission did the job very nicely.