newbie, disappointed, curious..

I answered a classified for an amp that was listed for sale or trade. Contacted person and made a deal to trade amps. I suggested that we trade and make sure we are both happy and then finalize deal. He would rather finalize now so we made the deal and exchanged shipping information, etc. Today I rcv'd an email from him stating that he changed his mind- he needed the money. I assume that this is not the norm.. what do you think.. Isn't what we say (write) our word. I would not think of making a deal with someone and not following through, unless the item was stolen from my house before I could ship it.
Always learning,

People change their minds, a bus pulls out into traffic, changes lanes and moves on....

so should you.
At least he emailed you to let you know before you ship your item...that normal, people change mind.
We've all had people flake out when they said they wanted to buy something. I think it happens more often than you'd think. But trading is much more tricky. I'm curious how you agreed to swap. Were both of you going to send your amps simultaneously? Who would have picked up the costs if you sent yours and he backed out? Shipping a 50 lb amp isn't cheap.