Newbie looking for cheap dependable table

I have been lucky enough to be asked to "store" about 1,000 of my father's LP's. While growing up he would buy a few new albums every week & we would listen to them over the weekend together. They are in perfect condition, he would always clean them & store them perfectly so I know they are worth having.

My dilema is that as much as I want to get into vinyl playback it seems like a MAJOR PITA. I am intimidated by everything that I am reading here about setting up the stylus, proper cleaning & care of everything. I am not much of a tweaker with my system now unless I get off on a tangent for a little while. I also never get enough time right now to listen to my system as it is, I will need a table that is ready & waiting for me when I have few free hours. Now that being said I was intimidated when I first got into this hobby a few years ago & everyone here was kind enough to help me get my feet wet.

So the question at this point is with about $1000.00 to spend should I purchase a used Rega, Music Hall or refreshed Thorens for about $500.00? I figure with the rest of the money, I will try one of the cheaper phono stages plus necessary tools, cleaners & any other widgets.

Obviously like anything else in this crazy hobby if I find this is for me I will spend way more than I ever expected. For the moment though I am looking for a good table that will let me get used to this new world & hopefully make me want to get in over my head. If I find this isn't where I want to be I will either sell it all or offer it to my father. At this point I am still thinking I will be listening to 90% digital & only 10% analog.
Buy it for sure. Don't forget you'll need a phono section with gain structure appropriate to the output of your cartridge. For high output buy the Bellari VP 129 and for low output a Lehmann black cube. You should be able to do all that and stay under $1000.
The price isn't bad, but my impression after 100's of hours of listening to many VPI tables is that they lack dynamics and emotion. I have heard the Scout, 19, and the Hot Rod. I personally don't care for them, but don't do anything based on my impression.

The arm is dated and should be replaced soon to get the best performance possible out of the table.

I don't know anything about the cartridge, so no comment there.

There are lesser tables available, but there are better ones too.
I am not familiar with the cart or PIB-1 phono board, but have heard a VPI HW19 MKI before. It was mounted with a Grado Platinum and Rega 300 arm. PLayed through some Magnepan 1.6's left nothing to be desired in my mind. They sound good and have seen alot of play over the years. I was going to suggest that you spend around the same amount on the preamp as the table. SO look at preamps down the road if you want to know what it's in those grooves, around the $500 range and under. Jolida JD9 starts at $400 new, or I have seen the Dynavector P-75 go for under $400 on Ebay. Both great preamps, at least according to their listeners. The jolida is a tube pre while the P-75 is a Solid State unit. Also in this range is the Monolithic PS-1 usually available used under $300, use to have one great sound. I would suggest a better premap than cart, if you have to compromise. That way when you go to upgrade down the road you just get a better cart, not both cart and preamp.
All in all I would say yes to the table and arm , but don't know about the cart or phono board. Might have to wait till someone else with more experience can chime in. ;)-~
lots of good turntables, but the thorens is the coolest and and will always be in demand.