Newby needs advices...

I just got a turntable, and I need some info on how to care for LP and TT, etc., so I can enjoy vynil for a long time to come, without doing irreversible damage to the LPs or TT, etc.

Thanks in advance...

TT: Denon with Shure V15 type II Cartridge.

Amp: NAD monitor series seperates

Speaker : ADS

Cables : Monster
I would call Needle Doctor, Music Direct, Elusive Disc or Acoustic Sounds and ask them that very question. They can help set you up with a record/stylus care kit that meets your individual budget. The options are too wide to go into here.
There's a shure stylus gauge on Agon for 16.95-BUY IT.
Not only will this save on wear and tear, your table will sound much better.
I'd second Elevick there. Make sure your tracking force is correct. That alone will have the biggest impact on your sound. Too heavy and everything will get muddy and distorted, plus it will not bode well for long-term record condition.

I had a Shure M97xe which I liked a lot. Great MM cartridges. You should do really well with the V15.