Newer Blues Artists or Recordings

Any suggestions for new’ish blues artists and/or recordings you have discovered and enjoyed over the past few years? Please include all types of blues music and artists - traditional blues, southern rock/blues (e.g., Allman Bros., etc.), blues/soul, slower blues (i.e., good for background music while working), and cross-overs such as blues recordings by well-known rock or popular artists such as Boz Scaggs, Robin Trower, Eric Clapton, and others. Let’s help each other discover new blues music.

I will start with a couple of newer, young artists that I enjoy...

  • Marcus King (try, Carolina Confessions or El Dorado)
  • Christone "Kingfish" Ingram (try, Live in London)

There was a band out of Atlanta named King Johnson that put our several very good bluesy albums.  The guitar player for the band was Oliver Wood, is the brother of bass player Chris Wood of Medeski, Martin and Wood.  The two them formed new less bluesy banded named the Wood Brothers.

Oliver wrote around half songs of King Johnson while their bass player, Chris Long, wrote the balance.  The band put out some great albums and were huge fun live.

They did a reunion show in Atlanta this past December.


Check out their albums: Hot, Fish, Laundry, Mat; and Luck So Strange; and Cats and Dogs.

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Hot Tuna never fails.  Jorma has some new music out (The River Flows) with John Hurlbut that showcase some amazing playing !  

Apologies if this blues man is well known to all you blues lovers, but recently I've discovered Marquise Knox, born in 1991 and released his first album, Man Child, at age 19. Thanks for starting this thread, look forward to sampling some of these artists. 

Try a German version of SRV:

Henrik Freischlader - Live at GuitarPoint (

And his work with Layla Zoe:

Dark Heart (

As an enormous fan of SRV and The Derek Trucks band I was immediately enamored with this work.


Great thread topic! Thanks for posting. I’ve listened to the blues on and off for 50 years (yes, I’m old). After the passing of the greats-Muddy Waters, et al, I stopped listening for a bit. In the last couple of years I’ve started listening to newer blues. I think these are worth while-

Eric Bibb-Spirit and the Blues

Rhiannon Giddens-They’re Calling Me Home

John Hiatt-Crossing Muddy Waters (an older release, from 2000, that I purchased last year)

Jorma Kaukonen-Live at the Bottom Line

Sue Foley-Pinky’s Blues

Samantha Fish-Faster

Larkin Poe-Kindred Spirits

Dave Alvin and Jimmie Dale Gilmore-Downey to Lubbock