Newer Blues Artists or Recordings

Any suggestions for new’ish blues artists and/or recordings you have discovered and enjoyed over the past few years? Please include all types of blues music and artists - traditional blues, southern rock/blues (e.g., Allman Bros., etc.), blues/soul, slower blues (i.e., good for background music while working), and cross-overs such as blues recordings by well-known rock or popular artists such as Boz Scaggs, Robin Trower, Eric Clapton, and others. Let’s help each other discover new blues music.

I will start with a couple of newer, young artists that I enjoy...

  • Marcus King (try, Carolina Confessions or El Dorado)
  • Christone "Kingfish" Ingram (try, Live in London)

@wharfy +on Ms.Fish....

...great when a fav comes to town...

She was slated to be back 12/'23 with some friends, had the tix early, went to, pulled in to park, and watched as everyone who came, went....


Fire marshal pulled the plug on the entire evening...'something' wasn't up to snuff...

Went out to eat (SalvSta has food, good 'nuff for the venue) and got vaguely drunk instead...🤪

Hurts when the site has to refund a sold-out show....

Manu Katche: Neighbourhood (2005)


Session artist discovered via a CD bin search. 
Last seen on Peter Gabriel’s I/O Tour 2023. 

Take a listen to band Blackberry Smoke.  Guitarist Charlie Starr plays quite a bit with Warren Haynes.  This should be right in your wheelhouse.  

Take at look at Joe Bonamassa...or any of the artist he takes on the "Blues at Sea cruises... bluesaliveat

I second Ana Popovic.  Try these:

-- Joanne Shaw Taylor

-- Sugar Ray Norcia

-- Ruthie Foster

-- Joanna Connor

Now I gotta go.  A dozen new names for me to find.

Thanks, everyone.